Tesla Roadster

HVAC Controller 2.X

This sub-assembly resides under to hood on a Tesla Roadster, and controls the AC and Heater devices.  It was originally made by Eberspächer UK.

It is also part of the Roadster pre-charge interlock loop, and when it fails, it will shut down the Roadster, cause isolation issues, or BSM error alerts, and can prevent the Roadster from charging.

This part has been out of production for many years.   Tesla may have dwindling supply left.  Spares are often harvested from donor Roadsters, the supply of which is also steadily declining.  Even if a replacement is found, they have aged and are most likely full of deferred maintenance issues.

Fortunately, this part is quite rebuildable.  We have successfully reverse engineered this part, and are offering full rebuild services which include resolving engineering problems, and improving the original design.  This part is meticulously repaired and rebuilt in our electronics lab by tenured Electronics Engineers skilled in reverse engineering, and component level repairs.

There is a $500 core charge included if you select purchase price, which will be refunded once we receive your return core.  This allows us to keep a supply of rebuilt assemblies.

As Low As: $495


We are offering two services:

  • Repair, Rebuild, and Upgrade service
  • Replacement with core





We need the cores returned to continue to rebuild this assembly, so if you do not select the Repair/Rebuild service, and are ordering a replacement, please select the core charge along with the product.

We will refund your core charge once we receive your defective assembly.  Feel free to re-use the same shipping box we sent with the replacement.