4X Tesla Roadster Wheel Lugs

If you are concerned about getting stranded with either a lost, or stripped out lug nut key for your wheels, you can replace all 4 of the Lotus keyed lug nuts with these OEM Roadster lug nuts.

Once the key is lost, or worse yet, stripped from use or misuse by your tire shop, finding a replacement becomes a challenge.  A number of variation of these keyed lug nuts were used on Roadsters, and many of our customers have had a hard time finding replacements.

Removing one of these keyed lug nuts without a key requires a carbide drill, and no assurances the Roadster wheel will not be damaged during removal.

These OEM Roadster standard lug nuts allow you to pro-actively eliminate the keyed version (1 per wheel) for peace of mind.

These are original Roadster lug nuts bead blasted for a matte finish and should blend in with your existing set.



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