Tesla Roadster

2.x Console Knobs

(This is a set of three knobs)

If you own a 2.x version Roadster (VIN 501 – 1464), certain accessories will begin showing their age.

A common failure point is the original plastic knobs on the console control panel.

They were made out of plastic, and with age, and use, the “D” shaft insert inside the knob, eventually cracks, and renders the knob unusable.

For the purists focused on keeping the Roadster as original as possible, we have a retrofit and rebuild service for these cracked knobs, and if you send us your broken and unbroken versions, we will rebuild your knobs for you.

In the meantime, if you want a knob set that will outlast your 2.x Roadster, these acrylic knobs have a brass insert which unlike the plastic version, will not crack and break with age.
They fit on the existing “D” shaft with a set screw, so they never come loose again.

The set comes as a set of three knobs, and also comes with our  lifetime warranty.



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