Can JR – J1772 Adapter

One of the nice features of being a Tesla Roadster owner, is the community that supports it.

Despite the fact that there are only 1500 or so owners left, there has always been a strong culture of support in this community, since in the large transportation market, these early adopters were and still are a serious minority, even within Tesla.

Fortunately, some in this tiny group are resourceful innovators, and some have developed cool Roadster aftermarket products and services.  We are fortunate the result of members charting their own way, has created useful gadgets, and that they have generously shared their expertise with the rest of us.

This product is one of those innovations, that allows a Tesla Roadster to use the charging methods that evolved after Tesla sold their last few Roadsters.

Henry Sharp is the inventor of two of these adapters, one for use with the Tesla charge cable, and another for the popular J1772 standard.

We are proud to offer both versions to the community.



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