“You only get 4 weeks”

This beautiful Glacier Blue R80 Tesla Roadster sold at a Sotheby’s auction in Scottsdale Arizona, to a customer on the east coast.  The customer immediately sent it to us for a post-purchase inspection, and numerous enhancements.

Although the Roadster was in great condition, it had deferred maintenance issues, especially the 10 year old PEM full of wear items, engineering issues, and old electrolytic capacitors.  The body had some issues as well with cloudy carbon fiber, minor body damage, nose cone scrapes, peeling PPF, marginal tires, curb rashed wheels, and faded paint.

And this customer wanted to bring this Roadster into the 21st century not only with appearance and cosmetics, but with upgrades to vital assemblies like the PEM, OVMS installation, GPS corruption fix, and a Roadster Performance Brake package, and a 12 volt battery relocation kit.

The car had to leave Arizona 4 weeks after the auction sale, which challenged us to get everything done in time.  We pulled it off with days to spare.

This Roadster is leaving with damaged and faded PPF Clear bra replaced.  After a cut and buff, a ceramic coating was applied leaving a mile deep glow, protection, and finish.  We even ceramic coated the freshly powder coated wheels, freshly painted brake calipers, and performance rotor faces.

Annoying and inexpensive items were upgraded from our stock of new replacement parts such as the trunk release mechanism, rear deck lid struts, PEM cooling ductTPMS Sensors, PEM Cooling Fan and cable upgrade.  Waiting until these types of predictable failure parts die, and handling the inevitable replacement one at a time, is much more expensive than sweeping through and upgrading them all at the same time.

This Roadster, in the short time it has been here, has become a shining example of what a discriminating owner can do with a classic Tesla.  This over the top car will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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