Tesla Roadster

Trunk Release Actuator

This Trunk Lid Release Actuator gets constant workout.

It is a 12 Volt DC mechanical solenoid based device that pulls a plunger to release the latches that free up the Trunk Lid, which then opens with gas struts, lifting the trunk.

In a Roadster, a properly functioning release system raises the trunk lid when the actuator button is depressed.  With age and use, this device becomes worn, eventually works intermittently, or not at all.

This product is a direct replacement for both 1.5 and 2.x Roadsters, and will provide years of service.  Installation requires some tools and mechanical expertise.

The Tesla Part Number for this assembly is 2002148.





This actuator controls a pair of latches in the trunk which should be periodically lubricated with teflon grease to prevent binding.
There is a second set of these latches in the front hood, manually actuated.

They do fail at times and we carry these in stock as well.