Brake Kit w Pads-2-Padded

Tesla Roadster

High Performance Brake Kit

The Tesla Roadster, built on a Lotus Elise platform, pushed the limits of the stock brakes with the insertion of a 1000 lb battery pack.

Anyone that has ever driven a Roadster, will attest to the fact that the car has plenty of go power, but a bit deficient on the slowing down and stopping power.

Gruber Motor Company (GMC), partnered with a well known professional performance brake product manufacturer who also supplies Tesla with brake systems , and jointly developed a high end upgrade brake package, specifically designed for the Tesla Roadster, that will overcome all the original deficiencies in the OEM brake system.

This performance upgrade kit includes both front and rear rotors, and a full set of performance brake pads.


Tesla Roadster High Performance Brake System

This product is a direct replacement for the OEM brake system.  No modifications, or fabrication are necessary to take your Roadster stopping power to the next level of safety and performance.

The performance rotors will bolt to existing mounts and work perfectly with OEM calipers. Once the GMC Performance Brake System is in place, should the cast iron rotor need replacement from wear, simply replace just this part as needed.

By upgrading your brakes with lightweight, high performance replacements, as opposed to a big brake kit, your factory bias is maintained as well as your ABS efficiency.

An additional benefit is reduction in weight.  Reducing the unsprung mass has the additional benefit of improved suspension performance, resulting in enhanced ride and handling.

This product is another fine example of the Tesla Roadster Owners Community seeking ways to improve their cars, committed to not only preserving these cars, but finding ways to improve on the OEM version.

Performance Brake Rotor Features

  • Two Piece Rotor
  • Sourced in the USA – 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum Center Hat
  • Proprietary cast iron disk, poured and machined in the USA
  • Rotor mount design allows axial and radial movement to keep rotor centered
  • Rotor rings are a curved vane design that optimizes cooling
  • Hardware and discs are cadmium plates for lasting corrosion resistance
  • Matching brake pads designed for the rotors that meet and exceed the original specifications

Tesla Roadster Performance Brake System Rotor Construction

The central hat section of our rotor is made from strictly U.S. sourced 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum.  The disc is made from proprietary cast iron, poured in the USA and machined from start to finish.  The rotor utilizes 48 curved directional vanes, developed in racing to act as a centrifugal pump to force cooling air through the disc.

The rotor and hat have a floating mount system, which utilizes 8 or 10 high strength alloy steel drive pins, manufactured in the USA to our own specifications and cadmium plated for a long lasting corrosion resistance. These pins take the load from braking actions while maintaining the axial and radial float between the hat and disc. The pins are secured by grade 12 cap screws with hardened washers. In order to keep the rotors from making noise when cold, the pins are mounted with anti-noise spring washers on the rotor side which allow the rotor to grow with heat expansion but eliminate the rattle and noise associated with floating rotors. This float also allows the rotor to self center between the pads.

The primary purpose of the GMC Tesla Roadster Performance Brake Rotors is to reduce un-sprung and overall vehicle weight.  The secondary purpose is to increase the ventilation and cooling capacity of the brake disc while retaining it’s original dimensions. This is accomplished by using two-piece disc construction.  The central “hat” section of the disc is made from 6061-T6 aircraft specification aluminum.

Performance Brake Pad Features

  • Great rotor & pad wear life
  • Smooth & predictable control
  • Designed to deliver high deceleration rates
  • Pushing The Limits Of ABS
  • Decreased Stopping Distances
  • Minimal Fade Under Higher Temps
  • High Friction/Torque Hot Or Cold
  • Very Quiet Low Noise
  • Extended Pad Life


These high performance street brake pads give your Tesla Roadster the greatest stopping power and pedal feel without compromising ABS.
These pads are constructed from a Ferro-Carbon compound, that provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design with the braking technology of motorsports. The results are shorter stopping distances, improved performance under heavy braking conditions, and street car friendly characteristics, without noise and excess brake dust.

Racing Red Brake Caliper Finish (Optional)

The color red on brake calipers has become synonymous with performance.

We have professionally painted red Roadster calipers in stock if you want to go all the way, and display your performance braking system with red calipers.

The finish is a professional paint base coat/clear coat combination, with raised lettering highlighted in black.

Some of our customers have us powder coat their wheels to finish the look.  Our Powder Coat vendor has been providing industrial finishes to our sister division, Gruber Communications, for over three decades, for our Data Center racks, shelves, and cable management systems.  This is the same quality and finish applied to your Roadster wheels.  Powder Coating Services include not just durable industrial finishes, but wheel repair resolving curb rash, scratches, and even gouges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is required to install the GMC Tesla Roadster Performance Brake System?

A: The GMC Tesla Roadster Performance Brake System System is a direct replacement for the OEM brake package.
No modifications are necessary.   It was designed specifically for the Tesla Roadster.  The rotor will bolt directly to the car and work perfectly with OEM calipers and pads.  Once the GMC Tesla Roadster Performance Brake System System is in place, simply replace the cast iron rotor when needed.

Q: How does reducing weight of the braking system benefit the vehicle?
A: The GMC Tesla Roadster Performance Brake System will shave 5 lbs off each wheel, than the OEM system it will replace.  This is due to the heavy cast iron hat section being replaced with lightweight, high strength aluminum.  The mass of any vehicle requires energy to accelerate or decelerate.  Reducing the vehicle mass improves acceleration, and requires less energy to be dissipated during deceleration.  Rotating mass requires additional energy in order to increase or decrease its speed of rotation.  Decreasing the mass of the disc has a great benefit due to reduction in rotational inertia. This will allow more of the braking force to be available to decelerate the vehicle, not the disc.

Additionally, the mass of the brake system is also un-sprung mass.  Reducing the un-sprung mass has the additional benefit of improved suspension performance, resulting in enhanced ride and handling.  Rotating masses require additional energy to vary the plane on which they turn. The lighter the disc, the quicker the response of the vehicle steering due to the reduction in gyroscopic effect/rotational inertia of the disc.

Q: Why slotted discs?
A: The edges of the slots continuously clean and refresh the pad surface.  This will allow the pads to have a maximized friction surface always available.  Additionally, they prevent containments from collecting between the pad and disc interface.  The disc is lightened, decreasing its rotational inertia.  Slots prevent the formation of a water film on the disc in wet weather, maintaining the best brake response.

Q: Should new discs and pads be bedded in and if so, how?
A: The answer is yes, for optimum performance, any time different friction materials or discs are introduced, a bedding procedure should be carried out.

Q: Which direction should the discs rotate?
A: For maximum airflow and superior cooling, the GMC Tesla Roadster Performance Brake System uses curved vanes. For a curved vane internally vented disc, the geometry of the vanes dictates the direction of rotation. A curved vane disc must be installed with the vanes running back from the inside to outside diameters in the direction of rotation.  Your discs will come with labels indicating their correct placement on the vehicle. Orienting the disc in this manner creates a centrifugal pump. The rotation of the disc causes air to be pumped from the center of the disc, through the vanes, and out through the outside diameter of the disc.  This greatly enhances the disc’s ability to dissipate heat.  Discs installed backwards have very limited cooling.

For Roadsters in our Service Center, we are able to apply an industrial paint finish to calipers in any color of your choice, and repair and powder coat your wheels any color you wish.  As always, we are available to assist with installation guidance.  Call our Tech Support hotline for details or installation/replacement assistance – 623-433-8500