The original Power Electronics Modules (PEM) are full of aging electronic components, and unresolved engineering issues, which is the most important item to address.  Without this, the PEM is a risk of failure, especially as it continues to age.

Roadster PEMs have been out of production since 2008.  To restart the production line for spare parts is cost prohibitive.  The only spare PEMs today are harvested from donor Roadsters, the supply of which is steadily declining.  Resolving deferred maintenance and rebuilding this vital sub-assembly is the only way to keep these cars on the road.

Auto shops, or shops without deep electronic component level skills are not equipped to perform this type of work.  GMC has specialized in repairing and upgrading power electronics like this since 1984.  A host of not only unique skills are required from personnel  with electronics engineering backgrounds, but sophisticated equipment, not found outside electronics laboratories.

We have two levels of PEM repair and upgrade services available. (See below)

This rebuild is performed in our electronics lab

Level 1 - Engineering Issues Resolution Only

Level 1.5 - Intermediate Rebuild - Including Resolving all Engineering Issues

Level 2 - Full Rebuild - Including Resolving all Engineering Issues