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Yellow Charge Cable Upgrade

The Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) 15 amp plug on the end of the Tesla Roadster OEM 120 VAC charge cable has single handedly been responsible for more bricked Roadsters (let the battery go dead) events than any other Roadster accessory.

As they age and are used, the stranded wire connections inside the GFI plug compress with time creating a poor connections which eventually creates enough heat where the Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuitry fails or becomes intermittent.

We have an upgrade option for your Roadster issue “Yellow Charge Cable” that addresses a number of items.

Eliminate the troublesome GFI plug
These Ground Fault Interrupter Plugs were a code requirement when Roadsters were built, and as they age, and outlets they are plugged into are typically daisy chained or shared, not dedicated outlets, and the reduced current available either blows a circuit breaker, or more insidiously, often heats up the GFI plug, eventually compromising the low tech internal circuitry sensing ground fault.  These GFI plugs failing have been one of the most prevalent reasons for Roadsters getting bricked.  This retrofit eliminates the GFI plug on the Yellow Charge Cable.

Extend the length from 12′ to 25′
One of the reasons the Yellow Charge Cables are 12′, is the wire size is only good for 20 Amps.  Although the Roadster draws 15 Amps max from this cable, additional cord length creates a voltage drop, most noticeable when extension cords are used, and the Roadster senses voltage drop reporting “Extension cord found” on the VDS screen.  The only acceptable extension cords are 10 gauge, or 30 amp capacity, and optimally no more than 25′.  This upgrade replaces the 20 amp cord with a 30 amp capacity cord.

Increase the amp capacity
The 20 amp cord (12 gauge wire) is now replaced with a 30 amp cord (10 gauge) extending the cord length from 12′ to 25′ for added flexibility, often eliminating the need for any extension cords, and making sure maximum voltage and amperage reached the Roadster.

We recommend anytime a Roadster is brought in or shipped to us, to include the yellow charge cable in the trunk for a GFI plug replacement since they are only good for 5-7 years with average use, or a yellow charge cable overhaul and upgrade like the one discussed.

These charge cables have been out of production for over a decade.  There are no new ones available.  This retrofit process requires you to send us your old cable, and we will refurbish, rebuild, and retrofit.  If your cable is inoperative, we will also repair it for the same cost.

You are responsible for incoming shipping cost, and the return shipping is free.

Please send your cable to:
Gruber Motors Company
21439 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Attn: Engineering Lab

Feel free to reach out to us for Roadster tech support and collaboration.  623-433-8500


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