Tesla Roadster

Yellow Charger Repair

The Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) 15 amp plug on the end of the Tesla Roadster OEM 120 VAC charge cable has single handedly been responsible for more bricked Roadsters (let the battery go dead) events than any other Roadster accessory.

As they age and are used, the stranded wire connections inside the GFI plug compress with time creating a poor connections which eventually creates enough heat where the Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuitry fails or becomes intermittent.

What is going on?
The outlets they are plugged into are typically daisy chained or shared, not dedicated outlets, and the reduced current available either blows a circuit breaker, or more insidiously, often heats up the plug, eventually compromising the low tech internal circuitry sensing ground fault.

They also do not fail conclusively, often limping along once compromised, providing substandard, often intermittent charging, GFI trips, and in worst case scenarios, failing completely while the customer has the car unattended, in storage, or on vacation.

Recommended fix
With Roadsters in our Service Center, we routinely replace this failure prone component, and have never found one without internal circuit board discoloration from excessive heat, ready to fail when you least expect it.  Send us your charge cable and we will upgrade and repair your cable.


We replace the Ground Fault Interrupter plug, and modify the stranded input wires for a longer lasting connection.

Feel free to reach out to us for log file support, bricked Roadster CPR and immediate response, or just Roadster tech support and collaboration.  623-433-8500.

To schedule repair and upgrade for your Roadster charge cable,  please call 602 863-2655  X310.


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