Tesla Roadster

Roadster Rear View Mirror

As Tesla Roadsters age, the reflective coating on rear view mirrors often delaminates, especially around the borders.  Causes are numerous ranging from poorly selected product, to moisture, UV, and age taking its toll.

In severe cases, visibility is reduced, and overall appearance suffers  inconsistent with an otherwise stunning car.

This replacement is a higher quality version than the original and even expands the rear viewing surface.

The new mirror comes with an industrial adhesive kit.

Removing the old mirror requires some special tools and a carefully orchestrated procedure to prevent damage to the windshield, or interior.  Prepare the mounting button for removal by pushing up on the old rear view mirror and sliding it off the windshield mounting button.

Once removed, clamp some vise grips onto the bottom portion of the mounting button avoiding contact with the glass.

Place a wet rag below where the button may fall to avoid burning lower surfaces.  The Vise Grip Pliers should hold the mounting button you will be heating up with a pencil torch.

Get  and light a pencil torch, and heat the center of the mounting button while holding the Vise Grips.  Stay close to the Mounting Button, and do not allow the torch flame to migrate to the windshield.

The existing epoxy affixing the button to the glass provides a thermal barrier, and once the button is hot enough, usually a half a minute or so, your will find the button held by the vise grips, releases it from the windshield.  The wet rag is in case the button releases from the vise grips and falls.

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