20X Tesla Roadster New Wheel Lugnuts

If you would like to upgrade the look of Roadster wheels, or had your wheel powder coated, this is the time to get brand new lug nuts and replace all 20.

Another compelling reason for replacing the OEM lug nuts is to eliminate the keyed security lug nuts (one per wheel).  Some Roadster owners have either lost their key, or the keys break over time, usually by stripped from misuse by a tire shop using impact tools on the key.  Once the key is lost, or worse yet, stripped, finding a replacement becomes a challenge.  A number of variation of these keyed lug nuts were used on Roadsters, and many of our customers have had a hard time finding replacements.  These Roadster standard lug nuts allow you to pro-actively eliminate the keyed version (1 per wheel) for peace of mind.

Avoid getting stranded with either a lost, or stripped out lug nut key for your wheels by replacing all the lug nuts.

These are replacement Roadster lug nuts the correct dimensions, thread size, torx head, and are zinc coated for a durable finish with our lifetime warranty.




Replace your lug nut tool while you are at it.
The stock lug nut tool supplied by Tesla with your Roadster is soft steel, and we have seen many that are twisted from impact tools used during tire service.
This tool, available on our E-Store, is hardened steel and will outlast your Roadster.


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