Tesla Roadster

Main Battery Coolant Tank

We are thrilled to offer our newly sourced Tesla Roadster Main Battery Coolant Tank, a quintessential component designed to master the thermal dynamics of your prized Tesla Roadster. This isn’t just a part; it’s the guardian of your electric vehicle’s drive train and battery system, ensuring they remain cool and perform at their peak.

The core of your Roadster’s drive train is a revolutionary multi-cell Li-Ion 1000lb battery pack, which depends on coolant to manage heat effectively. The Main Battery Coolant Tank stands at the forefront of this endeavor, providing a visual coolant level, circulating a specially engineered coolant that whisks away excess heat from the battery and drive train, maintaining them within their optimal operating temperature range. This vigilant thermal management is pivotal in averting overheating issues, which could lead to reduced performance or potential damage to your Roadster’s main battery pack and internal components.

For those concerned with originality, this is not an aftermarket reconstruction, but sourced from the original vendor.  Invest in this authentic Tesla Roadster Main Battery Coolant Tank to uphold the high-performance legacy of your Roadster. The flawless design and superior construction of this coolant tank embody the rigorous standards set by Tesla, ensuring it meets the high demands of modern electric driving.

The Roadster uses a very specific coolant type. Sierra propylene glycol coolant which has a fluorescent green color. Zerex G48 ethylene glycol coolant, more commonly used in the newer Tesla models, has a dark blue color and should not be used or blended with the existing coolant.

Propylene glycol is used because it is less toxic than ethylene glycol, but ethylene glycol has better thermal conductivity.

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