Tesla Lost or Broke Your Roadster Keyed Lugnut?

May 4, 2021

Free access to our anti-theft security lug nut keys.  All we ask is that you return the one we will send you.

The original intent of these anti-theft keyed lug nuts (1 per wheel), was to prevent wheel theft.

Honestly, we have never heard any Roadster owner complaining about wheel theft, ever.

What we do hear often is the anti-theft security key to remove these lug nuts either got lost, or more commonly, some tire guy busted up the key by using an impact wrench.

Once that happens, the anti-theft security lug nut has to be drilled out.

To make matters even more interesting, Lotus did not make just one anti-theft key, but a couple of dozen, each one slightly different from the rest.  Finding replacements is a trick as well.

The worst time for these to fail is when you have a flat tire, and the tire shop cannot get the wheel off.

Through the generosity of our Roadster customers, who have asked us to replace the anti-theft keyed lug nuts eliminating the need for a key, and donated their old key to our library, we are able to offer a free  keyed lug nut service.

Here is how it works:

  • Send us a picture of the anti-theft key pattern (close up recommended)
  • We will send you the correct anti-theft removal key from our library
  • Buy a set of 4 lug nuts to replace the anti-theft keyed version, or a set of 20 new zinc plated to replace all your lug nuts.
  • We will send you a key to match the anti-theft keyed pattern security lug nuts, allowing you to remove and replace them.
  • We ask you return the anti-theft key to our library for the next Roadster owner

We offer this as a free service to our Roadster community.

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