VIN 393 relocates from NY to Phoenix

This 2008 Roadster spent most of its life in NY state. We bought this Roadster and brought it out here to Arizona.
The NY owner wanted to sell it, because he does not drive it much anymore, and he has a reservation on the new Roadster. He felt it was time to let someone else enjoy this first generation arctic white Roadster.

One of the seats (Passenger) is brand new.  It was removed from the Roadster early on in his ownership.

The owner has a Great Dane (Yael), who liked to ride with him, and removing the seat was the only way to make that work (see images below).

We are planning a number of upgrades, including powder coating the wheels, a performance brake upgrade, suspension overhaul, PEM upgrade, audio upgrade, sound deadening, PPF and window tint, numerous carbon fiber upgrades, ceramic coating, and a TESLA decal to match the wheels, color yet to be selected.  We felt this Roadster is like a white canvas, which will allow our creativity to flow, and showcase our abilities to take Roadsters well beyond original design and appearance.

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