Historic VIN 100 Roadster

This 2008 Roadster was the last of the 100 US signature versions, and the only what Tesla called “Insane Green” color released in the USA.  Lotus called this color “Krypton Green” and the euro spec Tesla Roadster brochure, they have a limited edition ‘signature’ color called “Poire Green”.

The current owner is the second owner, purchased before Roadsters were very well known.  As the current owner described:

“I am the second owner and it was actually an ebay find in 2012. Not a lot of people knew about Tesla in those days. I would always come out to a crowd when it was parked somewhere. It’s been a gas owning, just a little paranoid driving it nowadays.  I would hate to have something happen to it.

This Roadster came to Gruber Motors bricked, with a very anxious owner wanting to get it back on the road.   The local Tesla Service Center, who had been servicing this car for over 10 years, was fully aware of this car’s unique history and pedigree, and along with us, jumped through hoops to get it here in record time for a ESS Battery Pack recovery.  The Roadster being  properly prepped by the Service Center resulted in a quick recovery, a Level 1, eliminating the need for a lengthier and more costly battery pull.

The Tesla Service Manager in Chicago in 2012, Michael Sagaria, responded to the new Roadster owner after the Ebay purchase:

Congratulations!! You bought a spectacular Roadster…and arguably…an important Roadster in the history of Tesla Motors. The background is pretty significant…as it’s #100 of the Signature Roadster Series of 100.

It’s the only Insane Green Roadster in the United States. It’s the first Roadster with the full Exterior Carbon Fiber Accent Group.

It was also used for the photos when Tesla Motors announced its partnership with Daimler in Germany.

You now own an incredible piece of automotive history. Be prepared…people will flag you down to see/talk about your new Roadster. Welcome to the Family!!!
Michael Sagaria

And from the Managing Director at Lotus UK, came this additional recollection after posting on LinkedIn:

I can add to that story. If that was the car used for Daimler announcement.

It was around the time we were introducing the new interior (no stick shift) it was not into production but was close. The car left on the Monday and on the Thursday we mention to the States it had the old interior.

Not acceptable so we had a very busy weekend changing the interior. We had to pull in a lot of favours and got through a lot of pizza as we were doing 18 hour days for 4 days but we got there and it went off looking amazing!
Matt Windle

We are always honored when selected to bring these early Tesla icons back to life.

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