Tesla Roadster

Wall Charger Repair

The Roadster Wall Charger was the ultimate charging method for the Roadster.

Custom developed for Tesla by a well known charger manufacturer – Clipper Creek.

Unlike the yellow charge cable, limited to 15 Amps, or the UMC charge cable which will charge the Roadster up to 40 Amps, this wall unit would charge a depleted Roadster in just over 4 hours at 70 amps.

The unit is quite serviceable containing a logic board, and contactor assembly.

We have reverse engineered the logic board and are able to repair this unit down to component level for a flat rate of $395

Feel free to reach out to us for log file support, bricked Roadster CPR and immediate response, or just Roadster tech support and collaboration.  623-433-8500

To schedule repair and upgrade for this Roadster wall mount charger,  please call 602 863-2655  X310.


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