Tesla Roadster

UMC Charger Repair

The Universal Mobil Connector UMC charge cable was a step up from the 120 VAC 15 Amp yellow charge cable.

Unlike the yellow charge cable, this UMC charge cable plugs into a split phase 240 or 208 VAC outlet, and will charge the Roadster up to 40 Amps.

As these heavier charge cables age, wire connections in the plugs and sockets sometimes loosen, and heat up and char the plug/outlet combinations.    The custom Roadster charge connector is durable, but also has issues at times and quite repairable.

If a connector replacement is necessary, we pre-tin any stranded wire connections into the plug/sockets for a longer lasting connection.

Feel free to reach out to us for log file support, bricked Roadster CPR and immediate response, or just Roadster tech support and collaboration.  623-433-8500

To schedule repair and upgrade for this Roadster charge cable,  please call 602 863-2655  X310.


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