Tesla Roadster

PEM Cooling Fan Shroud (1.5)

The lower PEM cooling fan shroud in a Tesla Roadster was originally molded from ABS plastic.  As this shroud aged, the plastic became brittle, and constant vibration from  the road and fan eventually created stress cracks as the shroud weakened.  Almost all the Roadsters coming in for service now need this part replaced.

Parts like this are easily recreated if the injection mold still existed, but some of the original Roadster molds, like this one, are no longer available.

Options for replacement include recreating the injection molds, but a part like this requires more strength than plastic injection product offers.

An aluminum version could be stamped which would make the part indestructible but costly.

The best compromise is a carbon fiber version, with strengthened and thicker mounting surface, professionally manufactured, and is more easily replicated.

We turned this design project over to one of our seasoned US based carbon fiber vendors fully equipped with high end CF fabrication equipment, used to creating products like this for the exotic car market, and they came up with a design that produced a replacement superior in every way.

We recommend replacement of both of this fan shroud, and the 12 Volt DC brush motor cooling fan (Shown) which should be replaced every 5 years.

Call our Tech Support hotline for details or installation/replacement assistance – 623-433-8500


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