Tesla Roadster

Ignition Lock Assembly

The Tesla Roadster ignition locksets are wearing with age.

We worked with Lotus to try and restock these and found that once Roadsters went into higher volume production, the Tesla supply chain team took over and sourced their own locksets for the Roadster, different from the Lotus OEM part.

We were finally able to source the lockset barrel, which is a cast aluminum housing and is what wears out.  The lock tumbler, into which the key inserts, has a steel pin riding on the cast aluminum barrel housing ramp, which with constant use, not only wears down the ramp, but creates a divot in the housing.

Symptoms of wear include:

1 – The key has difficulty releasing from the lock tumbler to remove the key

2 – Turning the key becomes increasingly more difficult

3 – The key will not turn at all any more even with jiggling

Removing the ignition assembly requires removing the plastic trim around the steering wheel shaft.

We recommend replacing this assembly before you can no longer unlock the ignition switch.




NOTE – The Tumbler shown contains replacement numbered wafers.  To replace this assembly, and match it to your keys, you will need to disassemble the wafers carefully recording the numerical sequence, and respective placement.


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