Tesla Roadster

Wheel Protector Installation

The installation of these wheel protectors results in a highly engineered robust product protecting wheels, designed to take the impact of curbing and driving over potholes.  It can even hide existing curb rash and is a far less expensive solution than wheel replacement, or repair and powder coating.  One wheel replacement is far more than a kit of 4 of these.

Made from super-tough nylon and installed between your alloy wheel and tire, AlloyGators provide superior alloy wheel protection against alloy wheel curb and pothole damage.

Think of it like a force field around your wheels, protecting them from damage.  The wheel protector receives the brunt of the damage from curbing, and is easily replaced.


Available in 14 popular colors, to match existing wheel color.

Drive with confidence knowing that your Wheels are safe from road damage, and even tire damage in some cases!

Manufactured from blended super tough nylon, and engineered to be physically integrated between a tire and alloy,  this product offers market-leading, robust and unrivalled wheel rim protection. The only TUV and MIRA certified wheel protector on the market today!

Installation of this product does not require tire removal or rebalancing and can usually be completed in 1-2 hours.

The price below includes 4 wheel protectors and installation.

If your creative side wants to get involved, offset the wheel protector color with a complimentary color for that additional eye-catching appeal.


For a VIDEO describing the production process click HERE.  Call our Tech Support hotline for details  – 623-433-8500


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