Tesla Roadster

Condenser Assembly

The most common Roadster collision damage is front end.

The front end houses a crash box, on top of which sits the HVAC condenser assembly, and this piece is usually rendered unusable once a front end collision is involved.

In rainy and moist climates, we have seen cases where this assembly has failed due to corrosion.  Since the assembly lays almost flat under front trunk hood vanes with large gaps, leaves, twigs, dust, and debris tend to collect around the perimeter of this assembly, and in wet climates, retain water which eventually creates corrosion and compromises the aluminum piping to the point were leaks eventually result.

Part of our Roadster maintenance is flushing out all the deposited debris which lays on top of this assembly.

The unit we are offering is the original Tesla Roadster assembly, manufactured by the original OEM for perfect fitment and performance.  This plug and play version, comes with two SPAL DC Cooling fans.

We recommend installation by a qualified HVAC shop since replacement will require a freon recharge.

Call our Tech Support hotline for details or installation/replacement assistance – 623-433-8500


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