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There are few Tesla Roadsters that still have reasonably performing shocks.  Shock degradation is slow and subtle which is why most owners do not realize their car has gone from smooth to bone jarring over the years.

Since the original Bilstein shock design for the Tesla Roadster is no longer available, owners often tried rebuild services for their stock shocks with mixed success.

As is often the case, passionate members of the Roadster community often see the need when parts are no longer available, and do the voluntary development work to recreate key parts for our cars.  Such was the case with Conrad Buck, and his Mars Orbiter independent Roadster Service Center, who laid the groundwork with a well know European Custom Shock Manufacturer, that has been making custom shocks for 50 years, to recreate a shock package specifically for Tesla, and the Tesla Roadster.

He is not the first as there are many early pioneers like Henry Sharp with his charge adapters , and Tom Saxton with an early log file parser, and many others.

Due to our volume purchasing, we are able to pass on quantity discount savings to the Roadster community, making this package not only a highest performing option for the Roadster, but the most cost effective option in the industry.

This set is the Roadster PERFORMANCE shock package that came with the Tesla Roadster Sport, which also fit into the base version Roadster.

These shocks can be installed by the owner, or a qualified suspension shop in your area.

The shocks are fully adjustable allowing adjustment to your driving style ranging from sport or track driving, to comfort or general road use like the upgraded performance shock option originally available with the Roadster.

A special tool is included with each set allowing you to dial in your preferred driving style, or adjust when switching from road to track time.

This suspension upgrade will bring your Roadster back to like new performance and beyond.  Warranty – 5 Years




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