Tesla Roadster

Suspension Rebuild Kit

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As Tesla Roadsters age, suspension components wear out due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Material Degradation: Over time, the materials used in suspension components like rubber bushings, mounts, and shock absorber seals can dry out, crack, or lose their elasticity due to exposure to the elements, temperature fluctuations, and chemical degradation.
  • Mechanical Wear: Components such as ball joints and bearings experience constant friction as they move. This friction, coupled with contaminants like dirt and road salt, can lead to wear and tear.
  • Corrosion: Metal parts of the suspension system are susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially in climates with heavy rain, snow, and road salt use.
  • Fatigue: Repeated loading and unloading of suspension components during everyday driving lead to metal fatigue. Over time, this can cause components to crack or deform, reducing their effectiveness.

As these components degrade, the suspension system’s ability to absorb bumps and maintain tire contact with the road diminishes. Initially, the ride may become less comfortable as the shock absorbers and struts lose their dampening ability.

Gradually, as the wear continues, handling and steering precision can suffer, and the vehicle may exhibit noises, vibrations, or uneven tire wear. Eventually, a severely worn suspension can compromise the safety of the vehicle, making it critical to replace worn components promptly.

This kit includes everything you or your mechanic will need to rebuilt your Roadster suspension, except for shocks (recommended below):

  • 4) Anti Roll Bar Drop Links
  • 8) Ball Joints
  • 16) Bushing Replacement Kit
  • 2) Inner Spherical Ball Joints
  • 1) Assortment of Shims
  • 2) Track Rod Ends
  • 4) Sway Bar Bushings
  • 2) Toe Links
  • 1) Complete Assortment of Hardware
  • 1) Complete Assortment of Lubricant

To complete the suspension upgrade (Optional):
Replace your shocks with our Performance Shocks used in the Roadster Sports.   Call our Tech Support hotline for details or installation assistance – 623-433-8500




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