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  • Brake Line Replacement Kit

  • High Performance Brake Kit


    The Tesla Roadster, built on a Lotus Elise platform, pushed the limits of the stock brakes with the insertion of a 1000 lb battery pack.

    Anyone that has ever driven a Roadster, will attest to the fact that the car has plenty of go power, but a bit deficient on the slowing down and stopping power.

    Gruber Motor Company (GMC), partnered with a well known professional performance brake product manufacturer who also supplies Tesla with brake systems , and jointly developed a high end upgrade brake package, specifically designed for the Tesla Roadster, that will overcome all the original deficiencies in the OEM brake system.

    This performance upgrade kit includes both front and rear rotors, and a full set of performance brake pads.

  • Shock Repair & Rebuild

    As Low As: $1,495

    Non Adjustable and Single Adjustable Motorsports Damper Rebuild / Revalve Service
    Refurbishment is performed to drawing and original Bilstein specifications. Service includes replacing all seals, wipers, O-rings and oil. Damper will be dyno’ed and set back to desired OEM damping curve.

    The service life of shocks is only 3-5 years.  Often, the decline is subtle, over the period of years, but you vaguely remember when you first bought the Roadster, you did not feel every bump and pothole.

    We recommend rebuilding this vital suspension component in the Roadster every 3-5 years for optimum driving experience.  Shock oil goes bad, gets contaminated from either heat or moisture, loses viscosity, and like engine oil needs to be addressed.

  • Suspension Rebuild Kit