Tesla Roadster

Suspension Powder Coating

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As Tesla Roadsters age, suspension components wear out and are rebuildable which is much less expensive than outright entire assembly replacements.  With this service, we are able to take a pile of rusty and worn suspensions components, and turn them into gleaming, better than new parts.

Examples of rebuildable suspension assemblies or components procedures are bushing replacements in upper and lower control arms, sway bar bushing replacements, tie rods, etc.

What we are finding however, especially in four season climates, the suspension components which can be rebuilt, have often rusted and corroded which over time can weaken these vital supporting structures.  To preserve these parts, halt and remove the rust and corrosion, we are offering a permanent protection method commonly used in harsh environments – Powder Coating.

The main benefits of powder coated parts is a thicker and more consistent finish than liquid paints can offer, leading to better resistance against scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, and fading. This makes it ideal for products that are exposed to harsh environments like automotive suspension components that require a long-lasting finish.

Some customers with Glacier Blue, Sterling Silver, Thunder Gray prefer to match these suspension components to match the Roadster color.

Shown on the left is a Sterling Silver Roadster with fully restored suspension parts to be reinserted in the car.

We also offer stock black powder coating (standard) or custom colors at no extra charge.

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