Tesla Roadster

Power Steering Conversion

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This is not for everyone.  But, if you are tired of fighting the steering wheel in parking lots at slow speeds, and you do not have Popeye forearms, this may be a conversion for you.

Upgrading a Tesla Roadster with power steering is a feature that addresses a specific need that arises from the characteristic handling dynamics of this vehicle. Traditionally, the Tesla Roadster, much like other high-performance sports cars, lacks the option for power steering. This design choice is often made to give the driver a purer, more direct connection with the road, allowing for a more tactile feedback at higher speeds. However, this can result in steering that feels significantly heavier, particularly when maneuvering in parking lots or navigating at lower speeds.

This characteristic, while appreciated by some enthusiasts for the enhanced “feel” of the road, can be seen as a drawback for those who prioritize comfort or find the additional steering effort inconvenient in daily driving scenarios.

The introduction of a power steering upgrade for the Tesla Roadster addresses this concern by significantly reducing the amount of physical effort required to steer the car at lower speeds, making it feel almost effortless compared to the non-assisted setup. This upgrade can be particularly appealing to drivers who want the high-performance experience of the Roadster without the added challenge of heavy steering in slow traffic or tight spaces. By integrating power steering, the vehicle becomes more accessible and easier to handle for a wider range of drivers, enhancing overall usability and comfort.

Our kit includes a potentiometer for manual setting variable steering assist, or an automatic assistance based on speed.  This speed sensor is installed on the back of the Odometer making the unit speed sensitive.  At higher speeds, it will automatically throttle back the degree of steering assistance.

Either the Power Steering unit can be purchased without installation, or unit and installation can be added during checkout.

This version is designed for left hand drive cars.

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