Tesla Roadster

Roadster 3.0 Battery

Tesla Roadsters will all need a replacement ESS Main Battery at some point.

Many Roadster legacy packs are still functioning from cars released starting in 2008, and all will eventually be due for replacement as they go end of life.
In the meantime, Tesla is reserving eligibility for purchasing the upgrade ESS Battery Packs for Vehicle Off Road (VOR) or bricked Roadsters only at this time.

Elective replacements may resume at some point in the future, but for now, to get a replacement pack, you have to have a dead pack or undriveable Roadster.

If you have a dead, undriveable Roadster, that has been deemed unrecoverable, (email us a log file and we can confirm), there are a few ways you can order your replacement 3.0 ESS Battery pack:

      1. Reach out to your local Tesla Service Center and order a replacement battery, and wait until they contact you.  Wait times are currently about 6 months.
      2. Given that a main battery upgrade prolongs your Roadster’s life by another 15-20 years, it’s an opportune time to also upgrade and overhaul your Power Electronics Module (PEM) at Gruber Motor Company. Send us your dead Roadster.  Learn about our PEM services here and watch a detailed video on our Roadster PEM rebuild process here.

We maintain a close working relationship with the Tempe Arizona Tesla Service Center, which executes our customers’ 3.0 upgrades. By sending your inoperative Roadster to us, we’ll arrange its delivery to the Tesla Service Center for the battery pack replacement. Post-Pack replacement, your car returns to Gruber Motors for the final PEM overhaul and upgrade, VMS backup, GPS firmware corruption fix if needed, ensuring both the electronics, firmware, and battery share a synchronized future life expectancy.

Often, a bricked Roadster’s root issue lies in its failed electronics. After the Tesla battery replacement, any necessary pre-existing failures that may have contributed to the bricked state, can be repaired by Gruber Motors completing the restoration process.

If you have a dead Roadster awaiting a battery pack, shipping the car to us won’t affect your queue position. Once Tesla reaches to notify your pack is available, we’ll transport it to Tempe, AZ for the upgrade. Since your PEM requires an upgrade and overhaul, it’s prudent to have both procedures conducted simultaneously, optimizing your Roadster’s performance and longevity.

The 3.0 replacement pack for your Roadster up to October 2, 2023 was $29K US plus tax.

Any orders placed after that date, are now $40K US plus tax.   The Tempe AZ Service Center will bill you directly upon completion of the pack swap.



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