Tesla Model S

Power Window Assembly

The Tesla Model S window regulators are one of the more frequent failure points.  This part replaces the most failure prone component in this assembly, replacing a plastic part with a far more durable Billet Aluminum slotted bushing.

The slotted feature allows for field retrofit without removing and re-crimping the steel cable in the assembly.

Typical failure symptoms indicating a broken spring loaded bushing are:

  • Sluggish window operation
  • Widow is stuck in open, closed, or in between
  • Window closes but opens again on its own

The old broken plastic bushing will need to be removed.  We find a pair of diagonal cutters are ideal for this procedure.  Just nibble around the plastic remnants, and slide in the Billet Aluminum replacement.

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As Low As: $333.48



This is what is inside the door

These window regulators are manufactured for Tesla, not by Tesla.  We take the stock version and improve the design.

Essentially, it is a pulley system device fed by a DC motor, that closes and retracts the side windows in a Tesla fed by LIN signals from the door control modules, and actuated by buttons on the door.









Why do these window regulators fail so often?

The problem is in an under-designed spring loaded shock absorber at extreme limits, and consists of a plastic bushing.  This plastic part snaps with age and use, and removes the tension in the pulley system, rendering the window regulator unusable.

To the right is an example of a compromised plastic bushing.

A combination of material weakness, age, and heat, tend to predictably split this plastic bushing.






We retrofit and improve this assembly for longer life

We replace the stock plastic bushings with aircraft grade billet aluminum ferrules created in our machine shop, which provides the durability necessary for a part like this, in this application.

Replacement of the requires removal of the inside door panel, and removal of the window regulator assembly.

Call our Tech Support hotline for details or installation assistance – 623-433-8500