Tesla MX – Applique – Spine – Center (Remove and Replace)

June 2, 2020

Applique – Spine – Center (Remove and Replace)

FRT No: 10403002


  1. On both sides of the vehicle, remove the rear door upper glass (refer to procedure).
  2. Place suitable protective covers on the 2nd row seats.
Note: While performing the rest of this procedure, stand on the 2nd row seats and work through the upper glass window hole.
  1. Remove the seal in front of the center applique.
Note: The remainder of this procedure requires an assistant.
  1. Starting at the front of the vehicle, use a cutting wire to cut the sealant underneath the perimeter of the center applique as much as possible.
    Note: The applique has clips that prevent using the wire to cut all of the sealant.

    View large image. 

  2. Starting at the front of the vehicle, use a cutting blade to cut through the remainder of the sealant.
    Tip: Use glass cleaner or a similar lubricant to aid in cutting.

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    Tip: While cutting, have an assistant pull up on the applique.

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Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following:

  • Remove all excess sealant.
  • Install the weatherstrip on the center applique.
  • Apply primer to the perimeter of the applique, as directed by the adhesive manufacturer.

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    Warning: Check the expiration date of the primer and adhesive before use.
    Note: Check the primer and adhesive packaging for the appropriate working times for each product. Prepare the necessary tools and work environment so that the the applique can be installed within the specified working times.
    Note: Check the primer packaging for the appropriate wait time before applying adhesive.

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