Tesla MX – Annual Service

June 2, 2020

Annual Service

FRT No: 00019905

Note: Not all of the procedures listed here need to be performed at each Annual Service. Refer to SC-15-00-001 for a list of the required procedures to perform at the relevant service interval.

Check for Alerts, Repair any Issues Found, Clear Alerts

  1. Connect a laptop with Toolbox to the vehicle.
  2. Check for active alerts and DTCs.
  3. After performing any necessary repairs, clear any alerts and DTCs.

Wiper Blades

Replace the wiper blades (refer to procedure).

Cabin Air Filter

Replace the particulate filter (refer to procedure).


Drain and refill the cooling system (refer to procedure).

Steering Gear Bolts

Ensure that the bolts that secure the steering rack to the subframe are fully torqued:

Hood Release Latch

Apply approximately 0.1 grams of RheoGel TEK676 grease to both of the areas shown.

Front latch Rear latch

A/C Desiccant Bag

Replace the desiccant bag (refer to procedure).

Brake Fluid

Perform the full system bleed procedure (refer to procedure).

Brake Caliper Pad Slides

Note: This is recommended for cold weather regions.
Note: Cleaning and lubricating the caliper pad slides/abutments is not included in the Annual Service price.
Note: Perform the following steps on all 4 calipers.
  1. Remove the pad retaining pins and collect the anti-rattle spring.
    Note: Always check that the anti-rattle clip has not been damaged. This part is easily damaged and is important to help eliminate squeaks.
    Front caliper Rear caliper
  2. Use a suitable tool to gently push the pistons back into caliper.
  3. Remove the brake pads from the caliper.
  4. Thoroughly clean the caliper pad slides and abutments with a hand brush (1057223-00-A) and soapy water.
    Caution: If there is rust or pitting on the caliper that cannot be removed with a hand brush, replace the caliper.

  5. Apply an even layer of Silaramic lubricant (1063021-00-A) to the caliper pad slides. Remove any excess lubricant.
  6. Apply an even layer of copper paste between the shim and the backing plate. Remove any paste that squeezes out after installing the shim.
    Caution: Ensure that the brake pads move freely.
    Caution: Do not apply copper paste to the caliper, seals, or any component other than the shim and backing plate.

Transmission Fluid

Drain and refill the fluid from the gearboxes:

  • Non-Performance vehicles:
  • Performance vehicles:
    • Drain and refill the fluid from the front drive unit (refer to procedure).
    • Drain and refill the fluid from the large rear drive unit .(refer to procedure)

Thermal System Test

  1. Connect a laptop with Toolbox to the vehicle.
  2. Run the Thermal System Test and follow any onscreen instructions.

Suspension Fasteners

  1. Check the torque of the front suspension bolts (refer to procedure).
  2. Check the torque of the rear suspension bolts (refer to procedure).

Wheel Alignment Check

Perform a wheel alignment check (refer to procedure).

Wheel Alignment Adjustment

Note: This is recommended if the wheel alignment check determines the wheel alignment is out of specification.
Note: Wheel alignment adjustment is not included in the Annual Service price.

Perform a wheel alignment adjustment (refer to procedure).

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