Tesla MS – 3rd Row Seat Removal

May 26, 2020

Seat Assembly – 3rd Row (Remove and Replace)

FRT No: 13028002


  1. Open the liftgate.
  2. Fold down the third row seats.
 Caution: Take care not to damage component(s).
 Caution: Protect the interior trim from possible damage.
  1. Remove the bolts that secure the third row seatbelt straps (torque 26 Nm). Remove the seatbelt straps.
    Note: The bolts screw into nut inserts that are able to slide freely within the body panel. After removing each seatbelt strap, place a wedge through the bolt hole so that the nut inserts do not slide out of position. If they do, refer to the installation instructions for how to reposition them.
  2. Release the seat cushion catches on either side of the seat assembly.
  3. With an assistant, remove the 3rd row seat from the vehicle.


Installation procedure is the reverse of removal, except for the following:

  • Before installing the mounting bolts, ensure that the mounting bracket holes are aligned with the threaded nut inserts behind the body panel. If the nut insert does not align with the bolt hole:
    1. Remove the rear sill trim panel (refer to procedure).
    2. Slide the nut insert into position.
  • Verify that the third row seat has full range of motion and latches properly:
    • Ensure that the side latches are engaging correctly into the LH and RH strikers. If the latches are aligned too high, the trunk floor carpet is keeping the seat from sitting in the proper position. Kneel on both sides of the seat cushion, using your body weight to compress the seat and carpet. The carpet should stay compressed, keeping the hooks in proper alignment permanently.
    • Ensure that the upper latch on the 3rd row seat click smoothly into place and is securely fastened to the 2nd row seatback.
      1. Remove the 3 screws on the back of the latch trim cover.
      2. Lift the handle cover. Remove the latch trim cover to expose the 4 retaining nuts.
      3. Loosen the 4 nuts slightly, so that the latch assembly is free to move up and down for adjustment.
      4. With the 3rd row seatback latched to the 2nd row seat, center the latch position free play. The latch assembly will self-align to the 2nd row seat striker.
      5. Tighten the 4 latch nuts (torque 5 Nm).
      6. Unlatch the 3rd row seat. Reinstall the latch surround trim piece and secure it with the 3 screws (torque 0.5 Nm).
      7. Verify proper latching of the 3rd row seat to the 2nd row seat back for smooth engaging and release.

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