Tesla Roadster Bricked Roadster Battery Recovery

February 23, 2018

As first generation Roadsters continue to age, we are seeing a huge uptick and interest in our ESS battery pack recovery services. Roadsters easily reach a dangerous battery state called a bricked condition if the charge routine is disrupted for a length of time, and the result is a battery that can no longer be charged through the charge port, rendering it dead or bricked.

Tesla offers a $30K battery upgrade option and no recovery option. Whereas independent companies like us offer battery recovery services which, in most cases, repairs the failed pack to a level where the Roadster charge port will recognize the pack and allow a charge. The more sophisticated Roadster battery management circuitry takes over and charges the pack.

Even a 3.0 Battery upgraded Roadster is vulnerable to bricking if a charge is not maintained. The same recovery procedures are used on a 3.0 pack. This recovery service cannot be done in the field, and customers ship their cars to us for the services described. We have a nationwide network of vehicle transporters who provide very competitive rates.

Initial Roadster battery pack life projection was 10 years. It is encouraging to see so many vehicles with original packs.

ESS Battery Pack Coolant Tip

The Roadster uses a very specific coolant type. Sierra propylene glycol coolant which has a fluorescent green color. Zerex G48 ethylene glycol coolant, more commonly used in the newer Tesla models, has a dark blue color and should not be used or blended with the existing coolant.

Propylene glycol is used because it is less toxic than ethylene glycol, but ethylene glycol has better thermal conductivity.