Tesla Roadster Roadster Paint Codes

December 23, 2017

The finish on any car is under constant attack. Between road rash, rock chips, and parking lots, even the most well preserved car is going to end up with blemishes. Touch up paint, properly selected and applied, can make these unavoidable defects undetectable. Either paint pens or small bottles which include paint Q-tips and brushes are available around for $20.

Tesla Roadster hues are all standard Lotus colors (renamed), with the exception of Lightning Green, only offered in 2011, which is a Mazda color with the corresponding Mazda paint code listed below.

There are a myriad of touch up paint vendor choices online including Ebay, Amazon,and websites. Many offer online application tutorials posting on YouTube. You will need to select your Tesla paint code listed above. We strongly recommend viewing some of the tutorials available to gain some expertise before tackling a project like this.

Key FOB tips

Roadster key FOB’s do not have a great range. A declining battery can compound this problem. Make sure you replace your FOB battery at least once every year. The battery type is a common CR2032. You can program the top FOB button to perform one of the following:

Sound a one minute alarm - Activate the trunk release - Operate a Homelink device such as your garage door.