12 Volt Model S Battery

This battery is designed especially for the Tesla Model S.

Our design engineers carefully analyzed battery usage and charge characteristics, and created a battery perfectly suited for the rigorous demands placed on a battery that is under constant charge in this EV, and in service 24×7.

Not just any 12 volt battery will work in a Tesla Model S.  Most replacement batteries advertised in this size are NOT reverse terminal configuration, and will not fit in a Tesla Model S.

This battery, optimized for this Tesla vehicle, is the correct terminal configuration, and provide the longest service life in your car.




The Tesla Model S 12 Volt Battery is a reverse terminal 33 Amp Hour (AH) Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) maintenance-free lead acid battery.

There are two types of hardware that are mounted on your existing battery in the car.  Make sure you save this hardware since it will need to be re-used.

Please select your mounting location below for more details about your specific configuration, including a step-by-step guide for each application:

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