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    • Model S

    The older Model S vehicles were only delivered with a radio module for 2G/Edge and 3G internet traffic.
    The Tesla LTE/4G upgrade allows these vehicles to be upgraded to the faster 4G technology, improving performance in a number of categories listed below.

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    • Roadster

    The majority of the Tesla Roadster was produced in the UK, and we find many of the parts were sourced in Europe.

    This wear item HVAC Condenser Fan is no exception, and these fans come from Italy.

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    • Model S

    One of the signature Tesla Model S features is the presenting door handles.  Although a really cool concept, being electro-mechanical, the points of failure multiply.

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    • Roadster

    This product is another fine example of the skills and dedication in the Tesla Roadster Owners community, developed by three talented members as a way to access a Roadster through cell phone.

    The Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) is continually being enhanced and has replaced the defunct 2G nework built into the Roadster for remotely monitoring a variety of vehicle statistics via web interface or smartphone applications.

    The base kit includes:

    • SIM5360 3G module (US edition)
    • OVMS data cable (US)
    • OpenVehicles OVMS GSM antenna (US)
    • K-Line TPMS Add-on Module (Optional)


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    • Model S

    The Tesla Model S window regulators are one of the more frequent failure points.  This part replaces the most failure prone component in this assembly, replacing a plastic part with a far more durable Billet Aluminum slotted bushing.

    The slotted feature allows for field retrofit without removing and re-crimping the steel cable in the assembly.

    Typical failure symptoms indicating a broken spring loaded bushing are:

    • Sluggish window operation
    • Widow is stuck in open, closed, or in between
    • Window closes but opens again on its own

    The old broken plastic bushing will need to be removed.  We find a pair of diagonal cutters are ideal for this procedure.  Just nibble around the plastic remnants, and slide in the Billet Aluminum replacement.

    Call our Tech Support hotline for details or installation/replacement assistance – 623-433-8500

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