Tesla MS – Paint Codes

May 26, 2020

Vehicle paint codes

The vehicle paint code is printed in the lower left hand corner of the manufacturing certification label. This label is affixed to the driver’s side door jamb, except for vehicles in China, where it is affixed to the passenger’s side door jamb.

Paint Code Paint Color Finish
PBCW Base White Solid
PBSB Black Solid
PMAB Brown (2012-2014) Metallic
PMMB Blue (2012-2015) Metallic
PPSB Blue (2015 and later) Metallic
PMSG Green (2012-2014) Metallic
PMTG Gray (2012-2014) Metallic
PMNG Gray (2014 and later) Metallic
PMSS Silver (2012-2015) Metallic
PPTI Titanium Silver (2015 and later) Metallic
PPSR Signature Red Tricoat Metallic
PPSW Pearl White Tricoat Metallic
PPMR Base Red Tricoat Metallic

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