Tesla Roadster Roadster Charge Specs & Tire Tech

July 23, 2017

Tesla Roadster Charge Table

In an earlier Newsletter, we promoted 120 VAC charging vs 240/208 VAC charging.  What you gain in reduced charging times with a 240 charge, may sacrifice long term reliability on key components in your car. (See the July Newsletter)

This charge table is a guideline for various charge parameters. It is based on Ideal Charge setting versus Range Charge and a number of variables such as ESS pack age, temperature, and actual voltage supply levels. Actual results may vary.

Roadster Tire Tech

When I got my 2011 Lightning Green Roadster, I thoroughly enjoyed passing every gas station, and even more impressive was the close to zero maintenance vehicle ownership experience, unlike my ICE cars. After enjoying my Roadster for 6500 miles, I noticed my rear tires were bald and I suspected perhaps my amusement park hard launch style of driving, pegging the go-pedal too often, came with a price.

I discovered I was not alone with some owners getting only 5000 miles on the rear tires, especially if they installed the more expensive soft and sticky performance tires.

Roadster owner feedback indicates many are getting good results with the Yokohama brand AD08 series in the rear (225/45R17), and Yokohama brand AD07 series tires(175/55R16) in the front.

The most unexpected cost of owning and driving the Roadster is without a doubt reoccurring tire replacement.

Tire Warranty Tip

Roadster tires are different diameters with 16” front and 17“ rear tires.

Most tire manufacturers are willing to warranty tires for 40K miles, provided you bring the vehicle in for periodic tire rotation, not possible on a Roadster due to dissimilar tires front/rear.

The fallback then becomes a 20K mile warranty which is still quite generous considering you are wearing tires during acceleration, and regen braking.