Tesla Roadster What is inside your Roadster Battery Pack?

May 23, 2017

What Propels a Tesla Roadster

The main battery pack in the bowels of a Roadster is a 900+ lb monster, consisting of 6,831 Lithium Ion 18650 cells, mounted in 11 sheets.

It is the brainchild of Tesla founder, Martin Eberhard, who had been experimenting with the AC Propulsion Tzero, which contains 28 Optima lead acid batteries in the doors.  Interested in improving on the Tzero 80 mile range, he commissioned AC Propulsion to replace the lead acid batteries with “laptop batteries” (Lithium Ion Cells) increasing range to 300 miles, and inspiring the creation of the Tesla Roadster.

  • There are 6831 Li-ion cells in an Energy Storage System (ESS) pack
  • The individual cells are identical to ones used in Vape cigarette devices. Commonly called 18650 cells, derived from the dimensions – (18 mm in diameter and 650 mm long)
  • Final voltage after a combination of series and parallel connections is 375 Volt DC at 151 Amp Hour or 53kWh
  • The total weight is 450 kg or 992 lbs
  • To preserve the life of the batteries, they are both liquid cooled and heated, another Tesla innovation.

Tesla Model R speculation and advice

Rumors are flying around that the new Tesla
Roadster pricing will be above $150,000,
that it will be made with aluminum, that it
will hit zero to sixty in just 1.7 seconds.

The new car will be even quicker than the
old Lotus Elise-based offering, and speculation it will be created in house, not employing the use of a ‘glider’ or rolling chassis procured from another manufacturer. (Although a contract with Lamborghini supplying bodies would eliminate a lot of design issues and make the new Model R an instant supercar.)

More than likely, the new Roadster will include an electrical motor per axle. Tesla does reveal that the new Roadster will go beyond the Model S in terms of velocity and top speed. It is safe to assume that the next-gen Roadster will strike 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds.

At this speed, no electric design to date will come close in performance. The new Roadster will be among the fastest automobiles in the world, with a projected range of 400 miles.

Tesla has a fondness for delays, so it’s rather possible we will not see the Model R until after 2020. This car will be a chance for Tesla to again assert dominance in a brand new market – a mass produced EV supercar.

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