Tesla Shocks-2

Non Adjustable and Single Adjustable Motorsports Damper Rebuild / Revalve Service
Refurbishment is performed to drawing and original Bilstein specifications. Service includes replacing all seals, wipers, O-rings and oil. Damper will be dyno’ed and set back to desired OEM damping curve. 

The service life of shocks is only 3-5 years.  Often, the decline is subtle, over the period of years, but you vaguely remember when you first bought the Roadster, you did not feel every bump and pothole.

We recommend rebuilding this vital suspension component in the Roadster every 3-5 years for optimum driving experience.  Shock oil goes bad, gets contaminated from either heat or moisture, loses viscosity, and like engine oil needs to be addressed.

How did we expand Roadster services to now include a shock rebuild service?

It all started decades ago, I contracted a local high end exotic vehicle mechanic shop to rebuild the engine in my 308 Ferrari.  I got to know the owner of the shop and his skills very well, since my car was going through lengthy and extensive upgrades.  

He had international shipping crates all over his shop, and when I asked the origin, he shared his shop was sought out globally for his unique ability to re-machine and rebuild exotic car shocks, dampers, struts, etc.  In fact, to this day, Lamborghini worldwide ships him all their shocks for repair and rebuild.  He recently rebuilt shocks for a Bugatti Veyron, which has shocks that cost more than a brand new Model S.

We had Jeff do some reverse engineering on the Roadster Bilstein shocks, to determine not only what it would take to repair them, but also completely rebuild them.  He developed custom tooling and is now equipped to handle rebuilds on Roadster Bilstein shocks, both adjustable and non-adjustable.  As suspected, he found the main shaft seals internally were leaking and compromised, and replaced them.

He also routinely inserts a variety of improvements to the internal components, and external improvements such as a Schrader Valve on the remote canister used on the adjustable Bilstein shocks allowing future gas recharge without taking the shock apart.

We are proud to offer this additional Roadster service, as a far more cost effective solution to replacement.

Another time saving feature for our customers

To reduce the amount of downtime during a shock upgrade, we maintain rebuilt Roadster shocks inhouse, and can pre-ship a set to you for immediate installation.  There will be a core charge, and refund when you return the cores. 

Shock system common failure points