Roadster brake upgrades improve stopping distances.

The simple fact is stock Roadster brakes are Lotus Elise issue, a car that is not lugging around a 1000 lb battery pack.  When you add this weight, and the insane acceleration of a Roadster, being able to stop quickly widens the safety margin.

Our racing grade brake components are carefully mated Carbotech brake pads, comcined with leading DBA 2 piece Rotors, resulting in a brake system upgrade that takes your Tesla Roadster to a new level of performance and safety, whether you are on the street or track.

Over a decade ago, Carbotech started building brake pads out of Kevlar, and Carbon for street, autocross, and racing applications. Carbotech frictionless materials are known for unsurpassed release and modulation, while maintaining very consistent torque control characteristics. Carbotech brake pads are extremely rotor-friendly and contain 100% non-corrosive brake dust.

DBA Rotors has positioned itself as a global leader in brake rotor manufacturing, with over four decades of manufacturing experience and unsurpassed knowledge through research and development.

This is a Roadster brake combination upgrade is one you do not want to skimp on.

We professionally install this performance braking kit for you, and take them through proper bedding procedure, to condition the surfaces for minimum noise, and maximum stopping power. 

Proper bedding of brake pads, shoes & rotors will result in greater performance and longer pad life with less rotor wear. Failure to properly bed in your brake pads and shoes creates noisy and underperforming brakes.

High Performance Braking Components