This product is another fine example of the skills and dedication in the Tesla Roadster Owners community, developed by three talented members, Michael Stegen, Mark Webb-Johnson, and Sonny Chen, who built OVMS as an open source project, and as a way to access a Roadster through cell phone.

The Open Vehicle Monitoring System (OVMS) is continually being enhanced, and has replaced the defunct 2G nework built into the Roadster for remotely monitoring a variety of vehicle statistics via web interface or smartphone applications.

This kit includes a SIM5360 3G module, OVMS data cable, and OpenVehicles OVMS GSM antenna.  When installed in a Tesla Roadster, not only does this device provide user data, but also allows for diagnostic access for advanced troubleshooting and problem resolution.

GMC stocks this product, is able to configure it to your Roadster, and available to install it in your vehicle.

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Complete OVMS System
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