Since the summer of 2019, the Garmin GPS firmware has had a week number overflow firmware bug that causes the GPS to roll back to the year 2000. 

Although this does not affect overall vehicle functionality, it does cause the timestamps in the log files and battery health logs to be recorded incorrectly leading to difficulty diagnosing faults.

Access to accurate log file information continuously being recorded in a Roadster is crucial in isolating faults, and establishing timelines for errors. It can also be useful in determining patterns and trend analysis for ESS Battery Pack condition and degradation.

For Roadsters in our Service Center, we developed a custom cable and are able to reprogram and update the Garmin firmware to resolve this software bug.

For remote vehicles, we suggest sending us the GPS module located under the driver's side headlight and we can update the firmware in our lab.  While out of the vehicle, the Roadster will function without this module, but it may affect any scheduled charging you have setup on your Roadster.