Tesla Roadsters easily reach a dangerous battery state if the charge is disrupted for a length of time, and the result is a battery that can no longer be charged through the charge port, rendering it dead, or bricked.

We offer a Roadster battery recovery and repair service to resolve this to a level where the charge port will recognize the pack and allow a charge. The more sophisticated Tesla battery management system can then take over, balance the cells, and allow charging from the vehicle charge port.

Level 1 Battery Recovery

For Roadsters that have been bricked for 4 months or less, a Level 1 recovery procedure usually suffices to get the pack to again respond to the Tesla charge port.

This procedure includes the insertion of special Battery Management Boards (BMB) which allow direct access to the high voltage section of the ESS pack.

A high voltage DC power supply with current limiting is then connected to these boards. A controlled trickle charge, with constant monitoring by custom diagnostic software, carefully restores the string voltage.  Once a certain level is reached, the Roadster will wake up again, and the more sophisticated built-in Battery Management System (BMS) will again allow a charge from the Roadster charge port.

If the bricked state has been more than 4 months, or our diagnostic software uncovers bricks or cells that will not respond to a level one recovery, the process then shifts to level two.

Level 2 Battery Recovery

For Roadsters that have been bricked for over 4 months, there are usually battery sheets with a resistive cell in a brick, that either needs to be repaired, or replaced. This requires a battery drop to provide access to the interior of the ESS pack.

Sheet Repair - We have perfected a method of identifying defective sheets, and more importantly, identifying, neutralizing, and isolating defective and resistive cells in bricks, that are holding down the brick voltage, decreasing range, or not allowing a charge to occur at the charge port.

Sheet Replacement - The primary source of Tesla Roadster battery sheets is donor cars. The law of supply and demand prevails, and this price reflects the current sheet market price. If any of the battery sheets cannot be repaired by isolating resistive cells in bricks, the entire sheet will have to be replaced.