There are two types of Tesla Model S Windshields:

2012 - Current - No Camera


2016 - Current - Forward Facing Camera


Installation Price


Continuous construction activity is the main culprit

Arizona leads the nation in auto glass repair.

Driving in Arizona is dangerous business, sometimes it feels like you're driving through an asteroid belt. Rocks are everywhere, and almost impossible to avoid.

Arizona has been one of the fastest growing states in the union.  To keep up, roads and freeways are under constant construction.  And it's not just road construction, the decorative gravel called "desert landscape" lines our miles of freeway. It may look nice, but anytime a car goes off into it or pull out from it, it kicks gravel back onto the roadway that will eventually get thrown up into someone's windshield.

Why are Tesla windshields so expensive

Tesla auto glass is one of the most expensive replacements.  Tesla does not make their auto glass.  They buy it from from auto glass manufacturers like we do.  Because we have partnered with a well known auto glass manufacturer, we are able to offer cost effective solutions when your Tesla windshield needs to be replaced.

Why are we offering you loss leader pricing on glass?

We are proud of what we do, and find that once Tesla owners tour our state-of-the-art service center, they tend to become life-long customers.  Giving you steep discounts on Tesla glass is our way of saying thank you, and inviting you to join our customer family.

How to get it replaced.

If you are able to bring your car to our Phoenix Arizona Tesla Service Center, we can replace your windshield within a few hours.