You did not think a 100% electric vehicle had any oil based components, right?

Well, the transaxle is part of the drive train, and is full of gears and bearings bathed in lubricant.

It is the assembly that couples the energy from your electric motor to the wheels, and full of gear oil that needs to be replaced for optimum lubrication. 

We offer a complete Transaxle flush, replacing your old worn out transmission fluid with Dextron 6.

Complete Replacement

What makes this fluid breakdown with age?

Much like traditional engine oilgear oil that has been used for too long will breakdown, and become increasingly less effective.

be dark from oxidation and debris. ... If not changed regularly, the gear oil will breakdown, allowing friction and grinding of gear components, resulting in unnecessary wear and costly repairs.

  • A tell-tale sign of deterioration is the color and clarity of the lubricant
  • If not replaced periodically, the lubrication diminishes allowing friction compromising bearings
  • Viscosity, which is the degree of lubrication, is reduced over time

We completely flush out the old gear oil, inspect and analyze the old fluid for signs of metal fragments, color, and odor, and coolant migration, all signs of potential problems in the drive train.

As always, our Tech Support lines are staffed and available for assistance.