A memory flash chip on the Media Control Unit (MCU), which is behind the 17” screen, eventually fails, rendering the car inoperative.

You can either wait for failure, or pro-actively replace and upgrade this flash chip with a more industrial, high endurance version flash chip, with twice the memory, and our data logging sharing solution.

Flash chip repair

What makes this vital component fail

Behind the 17” screen in your Tesla, is a Media Control Unit (MCU) which is a Linux Computer. This onboard computer contains a flash memory chip (eMMC) that can only be written to a limited number of times, before data gets corrupt.

The near continuous writing of data to the eMMC chips on the older Tegra-based MCU1 has finally started to take its toll.  Chip failure impact varies a bit usually not rendering the car undrivable, but leaving it in “Limp Home Mode”, and limited charging capability.

The prescribed fix for this issue from Tesla is a complete MCU1 replacement, or upgrade to a MCU2.  Your existing MCU1 is quite repairable, and our upgrades resolve future failures by including key improvements:

  • The Memory Flash Chip is upgraded from 8 GIG to a 64 GIG chip
  • The Memory Flash Chip we use is not only eight times the capacity, but a more robust industrial version
  • We move improve utilization by moving unecessary data logging onto RAM instead of the Flash Chip
  • Once we upgrade the MCU, we are able to provide ongoing remote support, even pushing updates

Repair option 1 - In Service Center repair/upgrade

If you are able to bring your car to our Phoenix Arizona Service Center, we can perform either a proactive repair and replacement, or dark screen resolution within a few days.

Repair option 1 - Remove and ship us your MCU1 for upgrade and repair

If you are able to remove your MCU, we will cover shipping to and from, and return your upgraded and repaired MCU within 5 business days.  As always, our Tech Support lines are staffed and available for assistance.

For tutorials how to remove and replace your MCU1:




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