We have begun assembling a list of Tesla Roadster owners interested in purchasing the new 3.0 ESS Main Battery Pack.

The remaining number of Tesla Roadsters globally is no longer well defined, and in order to do production planning, forecast raw material requirements, make labor resource projections, all vital adjustments to continue this project, we need feedback from the remaining owners.

Due to limited production of these hand assembled battery packs, a list like this will also be instrumental in managing and making any adjustments necessary, to mitigate the inevitable backlog as Roadster ESS Main Battery Packs continue to move towards end-of-life, as we attempt to control any demand spike.

This list is being assembled, in FIFO format, preference going to disabled or bricked Roadsters, and elective replacements for functioning cars second.  This list will be used for planning purposes, and will be shared only with Tesla.

Feel free to update us using this form if your status changes.  Thank  you for participating.

Roadster 3.0 Queue