Inverter IGBT Failure

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Inverter IGBT Failure

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PEM Inverter Section Failure – IGBT transistor thermal insulating material used as interface between the three inverter assemblies and the heat-sinks has demonstrated deterioration and crumbling with age, leading to a condition where the IGBT transistors short to ground contacting the aluminum heat sink. This causes PEM inverter failure and damage. The original material selected seemingly lacks integrity required for automotive application. VDS Diagnostic mode interface will report any of the following errors: 905, 906, 909, 910, 913 or 914.


Corrective Action

Recommended fix includes replacing heat-sink thermal interface material with more suitable dielectric gap-pad and longer service life. Bench-top testing of all IGBT should be performed and any failed IGBT transistors replaced.

To date, all PEMs serviced at Gruber Motor Company have exhibited this deterioration in heat-sink thermal interface material.

Corrective action requires PEM removal, disassembly by removal of inverter boards, removal and replacement of insulating

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