Let’s Resolve Deferred Maintenance

This Roadster was purchased in 2014 with only 360 miles on it. It has since been enjoyed by the owner and has a bit more mileage on it.

With a high VIN – 1453, this was one of the last Roadsters off the production line. We own 1457 which is one of our ESS pack development validation test cars, and the last production Roadster VIN 1459, which was in our shop early 2021, is now headed back to the proud owner in Florida.

The owner of this sterling silver 2011, realized deferred maintenance in Roadster electronics can be a risky thing. Driving a Ford, Chevy, Nissan, etc. until it fails or breaks is far less risky since parts are readily available when you need them. Not so with a Roadster.

A Tesla Roadster PEM has been out of production for over 10 years. It is cost prohibitive to remanufacture them, so resolving engineering problems, and changing wear components inside the PEM is a sensible thing to do, since if you wait for it to fail, you may end up with damaged PC boards, and an idled car.

While here, we rebuilt the 400V HVAC controller. A failure in this little device under the front hood can disable the Roadster.

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